Software for maintenance and repair

Maintenance software too expensive ? Too complicated ? Not usefull for our plant ?

then test Fwin - maintenance software...

The maintenance software Fwin is a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) and provides a quick and easy way to document arising repairs, failures, electrical testing, costs (repair times, material) and scheduled work specifications for a given equipment. A few clicks of your mouse keep you in control of cyclic maintenance activities and mandatory inspections (e.g. BGV A3 (previous VBG 4)). The program automatically informs you about upcoming maintenance tasks. All attendances to equipment and inspections are documented in the electronic maintenance record.

The program provides a trouble-shooting facility and the possibility of adding detailed reports to repair notifications, thus allowing every member of the maintenance team to be fully informed at any moment, e.g. different shifts, and thus allowing to reduce costs as a result of shorter down times.

Thanks to a graphic function, you can visualize diagrams regarding the number of incidents / disruptions and related costs for a given equipment or the percentage of each failure category (electrical, mechanical, etc.). There is also the possibility to analyse information such as, for example, expenditures per cost centre and analysis period.

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You have to take care for many spare parts ? You still work with hand-written orders or single files on your computer? You want to manage your spare part stock and order the parts easily ?

With DBwin - spare part management you keep your spare part distibution under control

DBwin spare part management stores parts with order no., price and other informations in a database. If a spare part is needed, you can search it with a search phrase and set the order quantity. The program "collects" all parts to be ordered and shows in main menu, at which supplier an order can be placed.

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