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Fwin - maintenance

The maintenance software Fwin is a computerized maintenance management system and provides a quick and easy way to document arising repairs, failures, electrical inspections, costs (repair times, material) and scheduled work specifications for a given equipment.

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Although the software is easy to use, it has a huge amount of functions:


- control of maintenance tasks

Completed maintenance tasks will be listed and dated in the Maintenance book. Fwin can show you automatically that the next maintenance is due. Fwin also allows depositing a parts list for each maintenance point (e.g. required parts such as filter, lubricating oil etc.).

Maintenance preview will display all maintenance operations scheduled for the month that has been highlighted. Equipment which is already beyond the maintenance date will be marked as “overdue” in red color. A click on the equipment will bring you directly to the maintenance page of the selected equipment (maintenance centre).

- failure documentation

The incident list: is used to describe failures or incidents. Once the data is entered, the complete description of the failure appears on a file card. You now have the option to add a detailed report or to document related costs or spare parts - or you can link external documents like invoices or others..

- equipment list / inventory list

The equipment list includes the name of the equipment, a name which specifies the equipment in a unique way and which is the reference name for all other data (description of failure, maintenance, testing, etc.,).

For each equipment a service provider can be defined. Email messages and failure descriptions will be adressed to this service provider.

All maintenance- and failure documentations are related to an equiment from equipment list

- work orders

If an equipment cannot be fully repaired, this location is used to leave instructions given in a report. As long as a work instruction exists and is not completed, the respective equipment is displayed in the listbox “work orders exist for” which shows in the initial window. This way, each member of staff is aware of the fact that this equipment is subject to residual tasks. Once the work order is complete, it is closed via the “Archive“ button and automatically stored in the incidents records of the equipment.

- safety protocols

There is a mandatory safety inspection for electrical equipment / machines in many countries. Our software helps to convert the requirements for documentation of test results either by storing data in the maintenance book or by printing a test certificate which you can sign and archive. In order to create a test certificate, relevant data is extracted from the equipment list. more details...

- evaluations

The amount of incidents / failures or the costs in relation with these incidents for one or more equipment items / machines will be presented in a 3D diagram according to the reasons for failure. You can select freely the period of analysis. The graphic representation of the number of incidents or of related costs can be absolute (as a bar graph) or in percentages (as a pie chart).

- other functions

Document links: Fwin – Equipment Management helps you to clearly organize external documents such as repair reports photos, emails, internet files etc. stored in your computer or network. The documents will be allocated to a given equipment or machine.

Monitoring function: The displayed calendar is used to prompt daily protocols (double-click)

Spare part costs are added up in a table. Input to the table is either manually or via the integrated mini administration tool for material or via an (optional) material database (DBwin).

Muliti user system: Data inputs can be done from several computers

The Pinboardallows to “stick” messages to the notice board, to the open item list or to the personal pinboard of colleagues.

Email function: You can transfer technical problems / questions directly to the supplier of the machine


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Fwin - maintenance



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