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FwinCS - SQL Server

Our CS-versions work with SQL server software (Firebird or MS-SQL)


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What is the difference between CS version and standard version?

At standard version the data base is on a network drive of your server. All client-PCs access on this data base. The selection of datas is managed on the Client-PCs. Up to a data base size of 1000 machines the software works very quick.

At CS-version the data base is on a network drive of your server, too. Additional a server software is working on your server, which is responsible for the data management. The client-PCs send their request to the server with SQL-statements and get the requested datas back.

This system works in very high speed, so you can work with data bases with thousans of machines inside. Even remote access with a VPN is possible.


Advantages of the CS-Software

The functional range is equal to the standard version and additionally provides:

- 8 maintenance intervals instead of 4 !

- Individual adaptation or creation of own reports (maintenance-, work - or purchase order reports...)

- Arrangement of the equipment list ba groups, places or machine types

- Prioritization of work orders 

- Very fast system - even with VPN access

- With the use of a firebird data base there are no extra fees

- Since version 2016CS the usage of a MS-SQL database is possible - New !
. (if MS-SQL in usage and licence by customer)

System requirements

Despite of high performance of firebird data bases it has only minimal hardware requirements and works with almost every operating system.

Due to the fact that the firebird software works as a programm or as a process on your server you have to coordinate with your IT department.

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