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If you order download version you will get a 3 month licence key and invoice via mail. If we see the money on our account you will get the full licence key.

Prices are quoted ex works of Seller, and are exclusive of taxes and duties (such as, for instance, VAT)

Payments shall be made without any deductions, free Seller’s paying office, in the agreed currency (generally in EUR) and within 15 days of the date of the invoice. Payment acceptable by using the IBAN-Code (see first page of invoice) only.

The quoted services may be subject to national taxation. Quoted prices and conditions do not include any amounts that may be due to national sales tax, value added tax, or similar tax legislations. With your order you hereby agree that the Goods and Services Tax (GST) on the supplied services be payable by the recipient (VAT reversed).

The contractual relationship shall be subject exclusively to German law. The venue for any disputes shall be Heilbronn, Germany. Any agreement differing from the above conditions must be in writing before they are deemed valid. Any alteration in the terms and conditions of sale do not affect any other clause in this agreement.

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