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Mandatory safety inspection for electrial equipment

There is a mandatory safety inspection for electrical equipment / machines in many countries.
Our software helps to convert the requirements for documentation of test results from electrical inspections either by storing data in the maintenance book or by printing a test certificate which you can sign and archive. In order to create a test certificate, relevant data is extracted from the equipment list. As far as test points are concerned, the software has two sources to choose from:


a) Either test points will be extracted from standard test points. These should be recorded under File \ Settings and apply to any equipment. Press the “Test certificate“ button to print the certificate. Using this method, you create a certificate where test results will be filled in manually. Of course, there will be no records of test actions or measured values in the electronic maintenance book with this method.


b)Or test points will be extracted from the maintenance list, if the box "Inspection report" has been ticked on the maintenance page. If you want to define machine-specific test points, the box “Measured values query” must be ticked. The program will then prompt for measured values (e.g. resistance of protective conductor) which will automatically appear on the test certificate. You just have to print and sign the certificate. We prescribe this method of recording because it greatly simplifies the operation and the signed document offers high legal security. In addition, test points and measured values are stored in the electronic maintenance book. Furthermore, the next inspection date will be indicated, if the test interval field has been filled in (it will show on the initial screen under maintenance due).

Please refer to the legal regulations of your country to know which test interval periods, test actions and limit values apply to your country. Examples given in this manual are not legally binding as there are so many regulations, regulations which might be specific to equipment, user and country.


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